Diversion Safes: A Simple Home Protection Product

Diversion safes are the most simple home protection products you can buy. They are used to hide things for the purpose of secrecy or security. They are made from ordinary household object such as books, soda cans, candles, cans, or something as simple as a rock. The idea is that such an ordinary object would not be expected to contain anything of worth.

The Chicago Crime Commission states that a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim’s home. They are looking for the obvious large ticket items left in plain sight; TV’s, jewelry, cash, computers, and cell phones are the biggest grab items.   Why not put the odds in your favor and have the last laugh by hiding your valuables in plain sight.

Diversion safes are becoming more popular as home invasions and burglaries continue to rise. They are a cost effective way to hide valuables. The average cost of a simple diversion safe ranges from about $5.00 to $31. They make unique gifts too. Who couldn’t use one of these safes?

Most Common Types of Diversion Safes:

  • Books
  • Cans
  • Jars
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Clocks
  • Lint Rollers
  • Rocks
  • Thermometers
Electrical Outlet Safe

Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. It is amazing how real these product look. But once you open the little storage space you’ll find plenty of room to stash keys, cash, jewelry, and more.

Have lots of things to stash? Spread them out with several diversion safes. They come in an assortment of sizes. For example a rock safe is great for stowing a key. A wall socket safe is perfect for credit cards and cash. A Maxwell House Coffee Can has a little more room, perfect for jewelry and coins.


Diversion safes are a unique home protection product; they are simple, easy to use, and affordable. SurviveandDefend.net has a nice section of diversion safes. Check them out online today.

What can a security company do for you?

Regardless of their size or the nature of their industry, all businesses could stand to benefit from the services of a security company. London and all other major cities are full of threats – from internal theft to vandalism by local youths – which can cause companies significant damage if they are not properly addressed.

Corporate security companies offer a unique service by protecting the assets and employees of a business without interrupting its daily running. A business’s security needs will be dictated by its size and nature, but generally a combination of three core services can provide a safe and secure working environment.

Keyholding and alarm response

Whenever the alarm is activated at a business premises, the designated keyholder must attend the site to reset the unit and ensure that there is no threat to security. More often than not, false alarms will be triggered at all times of the night – causing frustration for the keyholder and potentially affecting their next day’s productivity.

However, a corporate security company can deliver a reliable 24-hour alarm response without inconveniencing any employees or other keyholders. What’s more, staff will not be put at personal risk in the event of a genuine security breach.

Security patrols

For less than the cost of a full-time security guard, regular security patrols can be an effective deterrent for internal theft, burglary and most other threats. Corporate security patrols are generally carried out to BS7499 standards, by uniformed guards manning liveried vehicles for maximum visibility.

Many businesses choose internal and external patrols at random times throughout the day, whereas others focus their efforts on particularly vulnerable periods like the middle of the night. Whichever is the case, the patrols can usually be organized around any other business commitments – like the attendance of contractors, engineers or clients.

Locking and unlocking

When it comes to locking and unlocking the premises on a daily basis, it can be difficult for businesses to find and maintain a long-term solution – especially if there are multiple sites to work across. Corporate security companies provide a reliable service to shut down and secure the buildings every evening, ensuring that there are no issues if designated keyholders are ill, running late or otherwise engaged.

Not only does this take the burden of responsibility away from regular employees, but it can also minimize stress and expenses if a set of keys is lost or goes missing. Normally locks would need changing and every key would be replaced, but this can be a long and laborious process if there are multiple keyholders. Conversely, with a security company there will be fewer keys to replace, with less chance of one actually going missing.

Benefits of using Security Companies

Security is of paramount importance to businesses of all sizes, from the local corner shop to the international franchise. However, many business owners are reluctant to spend money on services that may not appear to be necessary – until they are faced with a theft or equivalent security breach.

The services of an experienced, reliable corporate security company offer a number of benefits to business owners and their staff. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Peace of mind

Whether in the form of an alarm response service or random patrols, a security presence gives business owners, their employees and their customers the peace of mind that things will be dealt with quickly and effectively in the event of a problem – whether it comes in the form of internal theft, fraud or burglary.

Saving you money

A security breach can be very costly, either through theft or the damage to a business’s reputation. The theft of equipment or intellectual property can cost thousands of pounds, but customers are also less likely to give business to companies that have a history of security issues. By paying for a reliable security service, business owners can reduce the possibility of losing money in the long-run.

Prevention of crime before it happens

A strong security presence can be a deterrent for both external and internal theft. Many business owners would like to think that they could trust their employees to be honest, but unfortunately the privileged position given to most members of staff can mean that they pose an increased security threat. Random patrols by uniformed security guards act as a deterrent to members of staff and opportunist thieves, minimising the chance of attempted theft or any other security breach.

A fast response, around the clock

It can be time-consuming and inconvenient for members of staff to respond to alarms at a business premises, especially if they live further afield. Further problems arise if they are unwell, away on holiday or simply trying to get a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, a corporate security company will offer businesses a reliable, 24-hour alarm response service all year round – giving them the peace of mind that any genuine threats or false alarms will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Expertise and experience

When members of staff respond to alarms or investigate potential security threats, they are potentially putting themselves at risk. What’s more, their lack of training usually means that they may not be able to deal with dangerous situations like an attempted burglary. On the other hand, corporate security companies usually have decades of combined experience in dealing with a wide range of threats and issues – providing a reliable service without endangering members of staff or other keyholders.

Lt. Romeo G. Gomez Joins Top Gun Security & Investigations

Top Gun Security & Investigations is pleased to introduce Lt. Romeo G. Gomez  as the new Director of Training & Education

Romeo G. Gomez

Lt. Gomez is a Gulf War Veteran and has over 16 yrs of law enforcement experience. He began his career working for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, where he served as a Detention Officer and Special Emergency Response Team member. He then went on to work for the Comal County Sheriff’s Office, where he served as a Patrol Deputy and Narcotics Investigator and subsequently assigned to the DEA Task Force in San Antonio, TX. During that time, he also served as a part time SWAT team member and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Wayland Baptist University. Soon after graduating he received his basic instructor certification and accepted a supervisory position at the ACCOG Law Enforcement Academy where he oversaw the Basic Peace Officer Course. There, Lt. Gomez furthered his instructing experience and education by receiving instructor certifications in the areas of; firearms, defensive tactics (Krav Maga World Wide), reality based training (Kenneth Murray School), and SIMUNITION©. In 2012, Lt. Gomez moved to Houston in pursuance of a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a special interest in Training & Development from the University of Houston –Clear Lake. He is expected to graduate in May of 2015. Tasked with overseeing the four Top Gun Training Academies throughout the State, he also holds PSB instructor licenses and currently instructs the PSB level II, level III, OC Spray, Expandable Baton, firearms, and has specially designed and taught courses for private security in the areas of; defensive tactics for security officers, basic private investigator, and basic loss prevention officer. Lt. Gomez also holds current licenses for Commissioned Officer, Personal Protection Officer, and Private Investigator.

Top Gun is very excited about the direction the security academy will take under Lt. Romeo G. Gomez’s direction.

CCTV Designer Software for Video Surveillance Planning

Are you a CCTV designer? Are you looking for the latest software to design video surveillance systems quickly and easily? If so, JVSG: CCTV Design Software is for you! This is a comprehensive software solution, developed through years of experience and expertise, which helps video system surveillance design engineers excel to new levels.

This video system design tool has it all! You will be able to find the best camera locations, calculate precise camera lens focal lengths, check the field of view and eliminate dead zones, get accurate estimations of bandwidth requirements, calculate hard drive storage requirements, and more.

The best thing, it’s easy to use. You just enter a few measurements. It’s very intuitive for the user. The software has different options for checking various scenarios and finding best camera positions by adding different objects, and persons.

This software makes it easy to show the installer or end-users what the end-result will be per camera. The projects are easily exported into pdf files and make great additions to client presentations. You presentations and proposals will stand out against the competitors. Clients love seeing the 3D models. You can easily demonstrate the different models during sales presentations, to show blind spots, lens selection and camera placement outcomes, or requirements for facial and license plate identification. The software really tells a story and validates you as an expert in your field.

If you’re a CCTV Designer I would highly recommend that you take a look at JVSG: CCTV Design Software.

PTZ Cameras Offer Advantages for Standard CCTV Systems

Let’s face it, in an ideal world there would be no need for security systems. Unfortunately we know this is simply not the case and for that reason, security surveillance systems fitted to our homes or businesses can play a vital role to securing our property and personnel. Although the chances of you suffering a loss of property at the hands of a criminal or experiencing a break in or theft are slim, it is always better to be prepared. Deterring potential thieves, or identifying guilty culprits should you become a victim of crime can be achieved easily and effectively with a quality PTZ camera surveillance system. As far as security systems and deterrents are concerned, you’d be hard pressed to find a device that’s more effective than a PTZ camera for enhancing a standard a CCTV system. CCTV has been used for decades upon decades, and has proven to be hugely effective. However, when you add in PTZ camera controllers and PTZ cameras, this elevates the most basic concept of CCTV viewing into a high level security surveillance system. Installing PTZ cameras and controllers greatly improves the system’s capability. Below is a look at just a few of the advantages of PTZ camera controllers and PTZ dome cameras.

You can pan, tilt, and rotate the camera at high speed – The great thing about these cameras is that as they’re operated via a PTZ camera controller, they can quickly pan left and right, up and down, tilt, and rotate in a number of directions. This means you get a much larger view of the surrounding area, so the camera lens will pick up more of what’s going on in adjacent areas and more. This essentially means that blind spots will be eliminated as far as the surveillance views are concerned, which more than solves a common problem when using regular CCTV camera systems.

There are powerful autofocus and zoom functions – Since PTZ cameras are often far larger than regular CCTV cameras, they are typically fitted with a much larger than average zoom lens. These enhanced zoom capable lenses can also be operated via the PTZ camera controller. The zoom ratio is extremely impressive on PTZ cameras. Using a PTZ camera allows you to pick up a vast array of different details in no time at all. The autofocus function of a PTZ camera can quickly kick into action picking up crystal clear displays.

They can be programmed to follow certain patterns – Another huge benefit of PTZ cameras is that there are a number of different pre-set functions that you can program allowing the camera to operate in a certain manner. For instance, you can simply program a camera to stay fixed on one area constantly, or you can program it to slowly pan from left to right constantly. You could even program a camera to stay fixed firmly on one spot and then rotate from left to right every 5 minutes. Programming set ups are almost unlimited when using a PTZ camera. You can even go as far to program a camera to detect suspicious behaviour and activity from people and vehicles, depending on the programming features of that particular model. PTZ cameras are an amazing surveillance device and are revolutionising the way we view safety and security.

Retail Security Theft Prevention

There’s an old saying, “Locks only keep out the honest people.” In retail, this is absolutely the truth. There have been a lot of studies into the behaviors of people that commit crimes such as vandalism and theft.   These studies provide great insights as to practical ways we can prevent and discourage theft at our retail locations. You’ve read the facts. Businesses sustain billions of dollars in losses due to retail theft every year.   What’s more important is that when your business sustains a loss, you’re the one that’s out money.   These losses are very significant these days, as compared to, say 15 years ago. With the advent of today’s internet consumers, competition among retailers, mark-up (where existent, as there are some items which are sold at cost or below, just so they can make money on accessories, as loss leaders) are to the bone. Additional losses can make or break a store’s ability to survive.


The Factors That Create Theft: Opportunity, Desire, and Ability
Let’s look at the three factors which create a theft; Opportunity, Desire, and Ability. When you have those three ingredients, the perfect storm is in place for theft.   The bad news is we can only control one of those. We cannot control a person’s will to steal from us. And, we cannot control their ability to steal. Remember, locks only keep out the honest people. We can do a lot though, to control the opportunities we leave for people to steal from us.

Opportunities abound, an unlocked door, a poorly lit area, blind spots in your location, or not enough staff to cover the entire floor. An entire science has sprung up addressing those situations, called CPTED, (pronounced “Septed”) or, “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” in which the full goal is to design an environment in which the opportunities for criminal behavior are reduced or removed. Although this takes place at the blueprint and design level, there are still several things that we can use to make our locations less inviting for opportunistic thieves. For example, things that are in one’s line-of-sight. Stop for a moment, and put yourself in the shoes of someone that wants to steal from you. If YOU were going to steal from your store, how would you do it? Look at areas in your store. Are there blind spots? How might you reduce them? Are there banners and posters or tall display racks that are obscuring your ability to spot a theft in progress? Looking at the floor plan of your location might reveal easy to fix problem spots. Moving that high dollar item to another location might make a big difference.

Cameras Can Deter Theft
Cameras may seem like a great deterrent to crime, but the truth is, studies show that they have a limited effect on it. Cameras are still important. Cameras document crimes. A crime that is well documented has a better chance of being solved and the offender(s) being brought to justice. Cameras are not a first line of defense, but are very important as an overall part of your security plan. Do use them where items that are most at risk are. Make sure that you have a strong camera line of sight and use a resolution that can capture details of a suspect. Multiple cameras are best. Never use dummy cameras, as many criminals have learned to tell the difference between real and fake, and the good ones will see your “security” efforts as a joke, and rob you for spite.

Security Guards offer a Visible Deterrent
Human assets are very important. This can range from uniformed guards that act as a visual deterrent to those who are dressed in plain-clothes who understand the human psychology and can spot “tells” or unconscious behaviors of those who are about to steal from you, are invaluable. Your own staff can help as well. Instituting policies such a no handbag policy, or a backpack check-in at the front desk, can serve both as a message that you are serious and aggressive about preventing theft, as well as prevent “snatch and stuff” thefts of items.

Signage Can Help to Deter Theft
Signage informing customers that they are being watched by cameras can have a mixed effect. It could make people feel intruded upon, and on the other hand it could be enough of a hint to encourage small time thieves to find another place to ply their trade. It could also challenge them to find the weak spot in your camera coverage, while leaving you with a false sense of security, so implement these ideas only in conjunction with other preventative measures. Tools such as spider wraps, sensors and magnetic strips are somewhat effective, but only in place with a greater risk management strategy.

Retail Theft is Best Prevented by Layering Approaches
Working from an approach that removes opportunities involves several measures. A layered approach involving equipment, people, policies and design, has shown to have the greatest impact in reducing crimes of theft. There are many ways to go about this which far exceed the scope of this one article, so feel free to talk to security professionals, concerning your needs and budgets. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also make your business safer for your customers and employees.

Centron Provides Retail Theft Prevention Services in Houston
Centron Security in Houston has over 20 year experience in the retail security industry. If you are interested in learning more about security for your retail store please call for a complimentary security consultation, 281-664-1297 or visit them on-line at www.CentronSecurity.com.

CCTV Installation information for security conscious South Africa

CCTV surveillance systems comes with many features each with its own material display. Security is what everybody is craving for, whether it is in hospitals, homes, schools or businesses. CCTV technology is using high end cameras coupled with a trust link wireless protocol. With the latest technology, CCTV users can program the functioning of the camera without requiring manual operations as it used to be. They can be programmed to tilt in all directions (360 degrees) in open ground, however, when they are placed in a corner they can only tilt at 90 degrees. The zoom feature is highly customizable and can focus images in more than one location. Images that are miles away can be brought closer within seconds. Furthermore, objects captured are clear without any blurred effects. The zoom feature will help track burst pipes and leaking pipes. Any good locksmith can install them for you at a reasonable price

Typically CCTV surveillance cameras are usually expensive because of their wide range of features. When you endeavour to purchase CCTV surveillance systems, it is important to look at the specs of each system available in the market. For example, if you are purchasing a CCTV drain inspection system, you need to thoroughly look at the chip technology and the zoom feature since you’ll be using it to track burst pipes that are buried underground.

Product features

  1. They arte fitted with VGA camera which provides high quality night time picture. Furthermore, the latest versions of CCTV cameras are highly customizable as they can be controlled at any viewpoint with the internet or smart phone application acting as the main control where all operations are monitored.
  2. They come with a motion detector feature which makes the burglar think twice before they commit a crime. The motion detector replays previous footage when alerted.
  3. CCTV Drain inspector-comes with a microchip technology which helps to track leaking taps and burst pipes underneath the ground.


  • They are easy to install-they come with a user manual so installing them is hassle free.
  • They can be installed at any given place
  • They come with a 3 year warranty-a perfect indicator of efficiency
  • The license plate feature enables capturing of images in low light conditions
  • Most CCTV surveillance systems blend well with all DVR/NVR and VMS.
  • Requires minimal electric wiring
  • They can be launched rapidly-this will greatly save money and time
  • Requires little maintenance
  • The systems don’t require any trenching or cabling
  • They can be encrypted

Card Access Systems: safe and efficient access control from Ansador

At Ansador, we specialize in automated security solutions. From electric gates and car park barriers to rising bollards, turnstiles to automatic doors, we pride ourselves in being able to meet your every automated security system need.

Each of our solutions is compatible with a range of access control options and one of our simplest choices is our card access systems. Card access systems are widely in use in commercial buildings and car parks around the world, are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Take our range of turnstiles for example, each of our models of turnstile security gates can be provided with card access and will allow one user through after a valid card has been presented. Card access systems such as this allow fast throughput to any secure building and access cards can be set up quickly to allow visitor access.

We can also install card access systems on our car park barrier systems. Card access is the easiest way to control access to a shared car park, especially larger commercial car parks, where an access system such as keypad access would greatly slow down the flow of traffic in and out of the site. It is also hugely reliable and provides a simple user experience, without the need to remember an access code. Many businesses choose to combine their staff access cards with staff identification cards, which further increases security and access control.

Ansador also offer a range of automatic swinging and sliding doors that can be controlled via a card access system. Our wide range of doors can suit any application and we can help with determining the best solution for your business needs. Our units are often controlled by card access for secure areas of the building and can be set up so that when a user arrives and presents a valid card, the door will not only unlock but automatically open and close behind them. The automated closing of a door is a very important security feature that is often forgotten and an automatic door with a card access system is an effective deterrent to tailgating.

Card access provides a safe and efficient controlled access system that can be installed alongside any one of our high quality automated security offerings. If you are considering implementing a new security system in your business or home, then please get in touch with the team here at Ansador and we will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and how we can meet them.

Securing Your Homestead When Your House is Set Back on The Property

This home would benefit from a Driveway Alarm System
This home would benefit from a Driveway Alarm System

Do you live in a home that is set back off the main road?  If you do, then this often prevents a challenge when it comes to securing it.  How do you know when someone has driven up the drive?  How do you know when the UPS man comes?  How do you know when the mail or newspaper has been delivered?

One of the best ways to ensure you know who is coming is to get a driveway alarm system.  Drive way alarms systems remotely alert you when someone enters your driveway.  They can detect anything that passes by the transmitter, whether it be a person on foot or an automobile.

How a Driveway Alert Works

A simple driveway alert system is a 2 piece product that will alert you if a car or person passes by the transmitter. Simply place the transmitter near the entrance to your driveway, anything passing by the transmitter will cause the receiver to sound a chime. The drive way alert installs in seconds.  Just place the transmitter outside and the receiver inside. The drive way alert uses wireless technology so the transmitter can be placed up to 150 feet away (line of sight) from the receiver. The transmitter uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) to detect motion.  The less expensive models are battery operated.

If you have multiple entrances, then you will need multiple devices. You can cover more than one entrance by using multiple sensor transmitters and have them report to just one receiver. You would need to make sure that the system you purchase is capable of this.

Driveway Alerts are Affordable

Driveway alert systems are super affordable.  The basic model runs only around $30 and is easily installed by the homeowner.  The basic model is good for about 150’.  If you live down a longer drive then there are other options to choose from, but even the more advanced and longer range systems are less than $200 in most cases.

If home security is a concern then a driveway alarm system is a must have first step.